Lovin’ A Loan likes to keep the things simple. That’s why we offer several different types of loans. You can contact us for personal as well as business loans.
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 Application Exemple!

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PostSubject: Application Exemple!   Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:53 am

Getting a loan
When you have finally decided that you need an loan, you can follow the steps listed here.
Step 1
Reconsidering your loan. – Are you sure that you want apply for a loan?
Before you apply for a loan, please reconsider whether you are able to pay us back.
Please be responsibly and wisely about your choices.

Step 2
When do you wish to pay back? – At our payback periods page on our website you can find allowable payback periods.
You will also find the rates in percentages of your payback. You can visit this page by clicking here.

Step 3
Your loan application. – When you have decided your loan, you can finally proceed with your application.
Please copy & paste the text below at the Argonath RPG forum topic and fill in the questions to apply for a loan.
Link to Argonath RPG forum topic: http://www.argonathrpg.eu/index.php?topic=120377.0
Application form – Loan Request
Phone Number:_____________________________________________
Registration date(in-game):_____________________________________
Business information(Leave blank if your not a company.):
Company name:_____________________________________________
Company start date:__________________________________________
Company sector:____________________________________________
Company manager:__________________________________________
Company owner:____________________________________________
Preferred appointment date and time(Argonath RPG server time):

Step 4
IMPORTANT: Validate your email address by sending an email to info@lovinaloan.com with your character name used on the application form.
When you have filled in the application form, validated your email and posted it on our Argonath RPG forum topic, your application will be reviewed within a few hours with a maximum of 24 hours.
You will get an email with an appointment date and time.
This appointment will be in our office at Fort Carson.

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Application Exemple!
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